How To Sense The Aura

Auras are the bioenergetic radiation that our bodies emit at all times. We can learn to enhance our sensitivity to them by using our hands.

Energy medicines such as Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, and Yoga all work with this life force to open up energy pathways in the body.


Steps to Sensing Aura

1. Practicing exercise, dance, and making music greatly help sensitize us to this energy.

2. Feel the palms of your hands, gently massaging them for a few minutes.

3. Hold your hands about a foot apart, and act like you are holding an energy ball, feel the energy!

4. Place your hands anywhere on your body and imagine the energy flowing gracefully to and from that place.

5. You can learn about energy science by searching for a professional.


Pranic Healing:

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Peter Fettis