How to Budget For Organic Food

Eating quality organic food prevents illness from convenitally grown food, saving in medical costs.


Check out Table Tonics


Master The Kitchen

Plan and portion meals, do it yourself, and use a water filter.


Grow Your Own

Start your Garden with seeds from

Learn urban farming

Sprouting food saves time and energy in the food prep process.


Get Deals


Go Clean

USDA Organic fruit and vegetable produce, meat and dairy (avoid pesticides and hormones).

Use single-ingredient foods.

Buy in-season produce.

Waste less by preparing and consuming what your body requires.

Go to to see the Dirty Dozen produce list.


Go In Bulk

Do a search for “bulk organic _____” for dry goods.

Shop with a group.

Use bulk dispensers at stores.


Go Local

Trade your business/creative skills and goods for produce/eggs with a local farmer.

Sign up for a CSA Program.

Farmers Markets are a great place to make friends.



Bring (homemade) snacks and water - in the car, on the trail, on the plane.

Peter Fettis