How To Be A Social Traveller

Traveling is like breathing, its an in and out experience, and its what you make of it. Here's a brief list of resources for traveling to spark your inner explorer. The web is loaded with opportunity for travel, this is just the beginning.


Pack Light Essentials

Map and Compass (Phones work)

Sun Gear

First Aid



Shelter (Tent)

Extra Clothes




Workaway (Volunteer on creative projects for room and board):

World's 300 "Best" Festivals:

Waves for Water (Surf and build clean water systems):

Pachamama Alliance (Learn from indigenous tribes in the Amazon):

Intentional Communities (Live in a self-sustaining village):

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (Learn to farm for room and board):

1 Month Yoga Retreats:

Teach English as a Foreign Language:

Short-term Outdoor Jobs:

Travel Light:

Cheap Airfare:


Peter Fettis